As email threats continue to evolve, end users will be exposed to more malicious messages. Many organizations train their end users to identify and report suspicious email activity. But sometimes end users report harmless and bulk email because they think they are malicious. This creates false positives for the security team. And it uses up the team’s limited time. Security teams have to prioritize and sift through all reported messages to identify and remediate truly malicious threats. Proofpoint Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) streamlines email threat reporting, analysis, and remediation. The result? Your phishing risk is reduced.

Streamline Reporting, Analysis, and Remediation of Phishing Emails

An informed employee can be your last line of defense against a cyber attack. CLEAR reduces time spent on reporting, analyzing and remediating potentially malicious emails from days to minutes. Enriched with our world-class threat intelligence, CLEAR stops active attacks in their tracks with one click. And it saves your security team time and effort by automatically quarantining these malicious messages. CLEAR is a complete solution that blends these capabilities: • PhishAlarm, the email reporting button • PhishAlarm Analyzer, which uses Proofpoint Threat Intelligence to categorize and prioritize email threats • Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) for message enrichment and automatic remediation. 

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