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Evolve DevOps in any environment.

Scale and automate

Boost productivity and quality with smart test automation.

Improve visibility

Find insights with AI-powered analytics.

Maximize customer value

Manage value streams to delight your customers.

How We Pave Your Way Forward

Value Stream Management

Unify your software development to gain competitive advantage. Value stream management aligns business goals with resources, speeds up production, reduces risk, and improves your ROI.

The ValueEdge platform delivers value stream management, from strategy to delivery. This flexible, cloud-based managed service powers your entire software product lifecycle.

With over 100 prebuilt integrations, getting started is easy. Plus, you can tailor how you use ValueEdge by choosing a single service or the entire platform.


Read why incorporating value stream management is the next step in your digital transformation.


Learn about measuring and tracking value flow and what critical capabilities you need to move your DevOps toolchain forward.

Continuous Planning

Bridge the gap between strategic goals and the day to day management of work. With increased visibility and alignment, you have the insights to support an outcome-driven approach to software development.

ALM Octane acts as a central hub from which work can be aligned from ideation through release—regardless of the number of teams, projects, and locations.

Project & Portfolio Management provides critical information in real time to help you make the right investment decisions, and manage the execution of activities as well as resources.

Align strategy and execution to achieve business agility.


Claro maintained market leadership with value-driven and customer-focused project delivery.


Learn why Micro Focus is featured as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for IT PPM.

Combine AI-powered test automation with machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and an artificial neural network.

Continuous Testing

Scale your automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline and obtain immediate feedback on the business risks at every commit, every step or gate and through to production.

Test any technology, on any environment, and reduce test execution times with the UFT Family of functional testing solutions.

Improve the user experience at scale. Uncover performance bottlenecks and pinpoint their root cause with the LoadRunner Family of performance engineering solutions.


Learn about the market leading capabilities that Micro Focus LoadRunner solutions deliver.


See how AI-infused functional testing delivers exceptional experiences, everywhere.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Plan and control application release processes across your enterprise, from definition to deployment.

ALM Octane provides a framework for a quality-oriented approach to software delivery that reduces the cost of resolution, enables faster delivery, and enables adaptability at scale.

Deployment Automation seamlessly enables deployment pipeline automation reducing cycle times and providing rapid feedback on deployments and releases across all your environments.

Gain control and actionable insight to track releases all the way to production


Find out how to optimize toolchains, simplify handoffs, and standardize processes.


Learn about the overarching strategies for quality application delivery.

See what Enterprise Application Modernization means in today’s digital economy.

Application and Process Modernization

Modernize trusted core systems and processes to deliver new business value.

Boost speed to market and operational efficiency. Modernize core systems and processes with our COBOL, mainframe application delivery, and host access solutions.


Find out how an innovative modernization approach can build on your existing strengths.


Learn how to gain competitive advantage by modernizing investments in core mainframe and other existing systems.

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