Next Gen Antivirus Protection

Easy-to-manage and affordable, Falcon Go prevents ransomware, malware, and the latest cyber threats

Easy installation, extensive protection

Protect your business with the industry-leading, next-generation antivirus solution proven to stop advanced attacks.

CrowdStrike Falcon Go also includes device control to help you monitor and govern USB devices that could put your network at risk.

Deploy one lightweight sensor and start protecting your business instantly. Easy-to-manage and comprehensive, Falcon Go provides 24/7 coverage no matter where your devices are.

“Best In Class Next-Gen AV On The Market.”

- Cybersecurity Engineer

"Easy to deploy and manage, outstanding Next Gen AV…out-of-the-box detections and a flexible framework to create custom indicators of attack (IOA).”



per endpoint

Start your cybersecurity strategy with affordable, next-generation protection, and in-depth visibility and control over your devices.



Next-Generation Antivirus
Proactively anticipates advanced cyber threats and evolves alongside cyber criminals. It protects your business from known and unknown malware, even when you’re offline. CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent is regularly tested by third-party groups and ranked as an industry leading solution.


USB Device Protection
Effortless visibility and control over any USB device in your environment. Enables safe and accountable usage of any device connected to your endpoints like USBs, cameras and printers.

Antivirus solution built for SMBs

Easy installation

The CrowdStrike Falcon sensor works on day one and protects your business 24/7. Easily install the single, lightweight sensor and you’ll be active in minutes.

Stay protected anywhere

Whether your employees work from home or together in the office, CrowdStrike’s cloud-based solution keeps them secure from any location, on any network.

Streamline your defenses

Our solution doesn’t get in the way of productivity with sluggish scans or on-premises equipment, providing you more time to focus on your business, customers and employees.

Reliable protection for small businesses

Every small business deserves enterprise-level cybersecurity at an affordable price. Make an immediate impact with CrowdStrike’s solutions for SMBs.

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