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What is artifact management?

An artifact is any software asset that is connected to or part of a software project. Artifacts are normally binary packages and are used to characterize or describe the function, architecture, and design of the application. Common types of artifacts are images, executables, data models, libraries, use cases and of course the compiled application binary.

These artifacts need to be stored and shared with all the developers on that project. Some possible solutions include a shared drive, a source control management tool or an artifact management repository. A shared drive has limitations including limited version control and no artifact deployment capability. A source control management tool is really only designed for managing source code text files and not complex artifacts like large binaries or Docker images.

All of the artifacts need to be consistently managed, versioned, and deployed across development teams and sometimes across multiple sites, to ensure quality, reliability and auditability. This is where things get tough to do without the right tool. An artifact repository is specifically designed to house, manage, version, and deploy different types of artifacts for software builds from a central location, and offers the best solution to manage an infinitely expanding number of artifacts.

Benefits of a Universal Artifact Manager

A universal artifact manager, also referred to as a universal repository manager, gives organizations control over all the software components that make up your software supply chain (a.k.a artifacts, binaries, packages, components, etc.).

From dependency management and proxying of public repositories (like Maven Central and Docker Hub) to controlling which binaries are approved for usage, a universal artifact manager provides the single source of truth for software development and provides a central hub for your binaries as they enter and advance through your pipelines from build towards production.

Modern digital innovators need to understand and control where and how their software development teams obtain open source to limit the risk to the business

Artifact Management with JFrog

No organization is too small to benefit from proper binary management. Lay the foundation for efficient, stable software development with binary management best practices at the core of your DevOps processes.

Frictionless Unified Management of Your Software Supply Chain Artifacts

DevOps Your Way

The Single Source of Truth

Fortify Your DevOps Processes

And visibility into your software

JFrog sets the bar for enterprise grade, universal binary management that enables secure, efficient, software delivery at scale and to the edge.

With JFrog, organizations are able to control and monitor the way all binaries flow across their software supply chain (SSC) to production with security thoughtfully integrated into the binary lifecycle management process. And when your binaries are ready to make their way to runtime, JFrog helps organizations distribute and update binaries all the way to devices.

Technology Agnostic
  • All major languages, package managers, DevOps technologies supported
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud with the same great experience
  • Continually adding support for new technologies
Global Scale and Availability
  • Support for multi-site, hybrid environments with HA
  • Highly performant artifact replication and deduplication
  • Mitigate downtime with a redundant set of repositories to maintain stability and performance of mission critical applications
Managed Dependencies
  • Understand the dependency graph for all binaries with enhanced metadata and SBOMs
  • A version-controlled, reviewed, and approved, common set of artifacts that can be shared by all development teams
Compliance and Governance
  • Apply policies consistently across your entire organization
  • Control who can interact with artifacts and how
  • Separate operational assets/infrastructure from governed assets via archival
Cloud Native
  • Provides full support for Docker/OCI containers, Helm Charts, and acts as your Kubernetes registry
  • Host and manage your IaC files such as Terraform, Chef, Puppet
  • Multi-cloud support via SaaS or self managed
Automated and Integrated
  • Automate management of artifacts
  • Extensive integrations across build, QA, security and orchestration tools
  • JFrog CLI, and robust REST APIs support a fully automated DevOps pipeline


Add the industry leading binary management solution to the core of your DevOps process. Join over 6,600 customers who trust JFrog Artifactory to control the way binaries enter, advance and are consumed throughout their SSC.
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